Our Story

Around 3 years ago, Jyoti Kumar, a 35 year old born and brought up in Dhanbad,Jharkhand was struggling hard to get pious A2 milk for his pregnant wife, for which he had to travel 5-6 kilometers everyday from his home. It was then that he decided to help other pregnant women and children who were struggling as well by formulating the idea of A2 milk and A2 milk products. The mechanical engineer then presented his ideas to his brother, Deepak, a 37 year old MBA(HR), who also showed a positive response, which then gave birth to the core team of GoOric.

GoOric connects with farmer who does traditional farming and milk production. It helps them to convert into organic farming through gradual process. It also helps farmer to work with Indian breed cows. Associated farmers can focus on farming, as GoOric takes away pressure of selling into the market. We buy all organic products and A2 milk from farmer and sell it to the working class in Kolkata.

GoOric’s day start everyday morning 6 am, when we go to near by villages for collection of organic vegetables and milk from associated farmers. It is also a time when GoOric audits process and resolve issues of farmers. After collection, all products brought to GoOric shop. It is then sorted and packaged based on previous day orders came through What’s app messages. Finally our delivery mama’s deliver orders at door step of customer.

GoOric association with farmer helps them to improve soil quality and daily income by many folds. It has been observed that after a year of association, farmers are able to handle issues related to organic farming more efficiently.

Farmers Illustration
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