At Gooric we do not use cream (or malai) to make ghee.

Hence there is no question of collection and storage of cream.

Our Indian cows are milked everyday - at specific times. This is fresh whole milk; it does not undergo procedures like pasteurization or toning or skimming. The milk, as it is milked from the udder is poured into large iron kadhais and brought to a slow boil over firewood. The weather here in Kolkata is humid and hot. Hence, boiling (but on a slow, sustained and low fire) is necessary to prevent spoilage.

Once boiled, it is inoculated with curds. It is left overnight to ferment and the entire batch of Dahi formed is then used to make Ghee. The Dahi is slowly churned in a traditional to-and-fro motion using churners to separate milk solids from the liquids.

Now, what we are left with is freshly churned raw white 'Makkhan'!

This Makkhan is not anything like the butter you get to buy at the store. You have to taste it, smell it, touch it, to feel it's complexity. It has subdued notes of buttermilk running through it. A sharper flavor of Dahi cuts through its creamy buttery texture.

The fresh probiotic Makkhan is then heated in traditional ironware on very slow heat using firewood to clarify it and make Ghee. At most times, sun baked cow dung cakes are also used as fuel.

The fact that we do not use cream or direct-butter and use direct unpasteurized milk and then convert it to curds ensures that the ghee we make is extremely light on the stomach, is easily digested and quickly absorbed with all its nutrients intact.

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