What about its cost - why does this Ghee cost 5-6x the cost of some really cheap options available

Approximately 28-32 litres of Indian breed cow desi milk are required to prepare one litre of Indian breed cow Desi Ghee. One litre of cow A2 milk will cost you anywhere between Rs 70-Rs 80 in the market today. Desi cow milk has lesser fat content as compared to the hybrids and foreign breeds. This again adds to the cost of production. Add to this packaging cost (without plastic), manual skilled labour, incorporation of traditional ancient techniques used in the preparation, transportation cost etc.

One of the main factors bringing about a drastic reduction in cost is factory based, mass production. Mass production means bulk buying. There is a forced reduction of the cost of ingredients and raw materials right at the source.

Almost all of the cheaper brands (who sell at half of the price we sell at or even drastically lower) source butter directly from various suppliers - mix together all grades of this sourced butter, clarify it, package and sell. Cost is cut at every stage –

  • While sourcing (quality of butter here is not exactly important. Different grades are mixed to cut cost). There is no way of knowing the source of ingredients used. Milk of different types of cattle, including animals like goat and buffalo are used to cut cost. The Jersey and Holstein Fo