Why is Ghee made from Dahi nutritionally far superior or healthier than direct-cream Ghee?

Let us answer this in the specifics -

1. The process of fermentation imparts a lot health benefits to Ghee. The Ghee made from direct cream is not as light on the stomach as Ghee made using Makkhan that is formed from a process of fermentation.

2. The Dahi is slowly churned to separate Makkhan - this Makkhan is washed multiple times (4-5 times) to remove all traces of milk. This step is critical to ensure the Ghee does not spoil. Thus cultured Ghee has a longer shelf life as compared to direct-cream Ghee. This step also makes it possible for many lactose-intolerant people to have this Ghee, as almost all of the lactose and casein is removed.

3. Ghee made from Dahi has a relatively higher amount of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) than direct-cream Ghee which reduces risk of heart disease, cancer, insulin resistance, arthritis, IBS etc. DHA also increases digestive fire (agni) and improves absorption and assimilation. It nourishes dhatus, improves memory, and has lubricating activity in joints. The high DHA in Dahi-ghee is mainly attributed to rich microbial flora used in starter curd culture. Lactic acid bacillus culture