Dadi's Handmade aam ka aachar
Dear GoOrican,
We have taken a step ahead in our fight against adulteration. We are presenting "Dadi's achhar",
which we started a month back. Raw mangos are nicely cut and dipped in warm water for 2-3 hours to reduce bitterness. It is mixed with Turmeric and salt and kept in Sun Light for 5 days. It is then mixed with homemade mixture of spices and dip into mustard oil. The mixture is kept in large glass bottle (also known as Boye) and dried again (in Sunlight) 
for 45 days. Finally, Colour and texture of outer layer of mango is checked and verified to judge if further heating under sunlight is needed.

In India, the mix of spices are varied in different regions. We are following process/protocol, which are used in Bihar since ages. These spices are nothing but med